The Golden Rule and The Book of Love

There’s one problem with the golden rule, and it’s a pretty big one… It’s tantamount to terrorism. You may think i’m off my rocker… but the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

Happily Ever After?

Happily Ever After? And they lived happily ever after… Big hustle and bustle… insert one of your favorite stories here… and then they lived happily ever after… … I think it means, the three dots, fill in the missing parts yourself. Or maybe, leap with your imagination. I think I use it a lot just […]

What is Your Super Power?

I ask that question a lot. What’s your super power? We get a fair number (ok A LOT) of messages from people asking how they can get involved in things that Jordan and I are doing.  A fair number, (ok A LOT) are from those still in school, both college and younger…  I read one […]

It Feels Appropriate to Write This

  I have about a million and one things on my to do list… Somehow instead of effort toward any of those, in this moment, it feels appropriate to write this. My favorite question… Why? Why does it feel appropriate to do this? What is this? Perhaps this leads to that… Writing this, leads to […]

Fake It Till You Make It!

You’re about to stumble upon something that the mundane people of the world haven’t. The process of creation, the process of manifestation.

A Bridge From Here to There

Working on Panic to Freedom has been and continues to be a true honor. It has connected me with so many different people on their journey to find peace and freedom, to find that oneness, that place in mind, body and spirit where all actions become a benefit and blessing to their brothers and sisters out of virtue alone.

I believe this new way is to be an actual conscious realization of the men and women of the earth. The message of this new way is now being broadcast all over the whole world.

A cup full of empty

  Have you ever heard the analogy, ‘fill your cup from the inside?’ or ‘fill your own cup’? Sometimes it’s used in reference to weight loss. Often I’ve seen it used in the new age spiritual community. There’s a Facebook page – “ComeFillYourCup“, a weightless book titled “Fill Your Cup“; the list could go on […]

When Will This End?

When Will This End?

Have you ever Wondered why some things end sooner than you would like, while things you would like to end sooner seem to last forever. (dont) Back in the day i used to go to a lot of rennecaissnce fairs. Yes i am one of those. Of course i didn’t just go to the fair, […]

Have You Ever Wondered if People Like You?

Do you like my dress?

I have, many times. I’ve even asked… Do you like me? Often I get ‘yes’. Often I ask, ‘why?’. ‘What is it about me that you like?’ Recently I was told, ‘Well, I like you, but I don’t like you when you ask so many questions.’ Interesting. My phone doesn’t ring all that often with […]

The Language Barrier that Keeps us Stupid

The Meaning of Words

  Do words have the meaning, or the meaning have the words? Language is what we use to share ideas, concepts, make things together, communicate etc.. Its a fundemental part of our society, any society. But what if our very concept of language or communication has been flipped, is misunderstood, gotten lost? Maybe its why […]