Happily Ever After?

Happily Ever After? And they lived happily ever after… Big hustle and bustle… insert one of your favorite stories here… and then they lived happily ever after… … I think it means, the three dots, fill in the missing parts yourself. Or maybe, leap with your imagination. I think I use it a lot just […]

What is Your Super Power?

I ask that question a lot. What’s your super power? We get a fair number (ok A LOT) of messages from people asking how they can get involved in things that Jordan and I are doing.  A fair number, (ok A LOT) are from those still in school, both college and younger…  I read one […]

When Will This End?

When Will This End?

Have you ever Wondered why some things end sooner than you would like, while things you would like to end sooner seem to last forever. (dont) Back in the day i used to go to a lot of rennecaissnce fairs. Yes i am one of those. Of course i didn’t just go to the fair, […]

The IOU game

The IOU Game

Have you ever played UNO? Its an interesting game of cards that provided countless ours of fun when i was a child.

The game is played with a special deck of cards, each with a number and color. There are also some special cards that change the flow of the game when played. Reverse, skip, wildcard , draw two et al.

What i find so interesting about the game is that it’s the goal is to end up with nothing. The one who plays all his cards and is left with an empty hand is the winner.

Kings and Generals Should Lead the Fight

Sword swinging, shield bashing, Kings and Generals should lead the fight. Standing side by side the soldiers in their army. Many battles must attribute the key to their victorious success to the presence and participation of an inspired leader. In other words, if the king wasn’t there – they surely would have lost. My favorite […]