When Will This End?

Have you ever Wondered why some things end sooner than you would like, while things you would like to end sooner seem to last forever. (dont)

Back in the day i used to go to a lot of rennecaissnce fairs. Yes i am one of those. Of course i didn’t just go to the fair, i was part of it.

Just for the record, the real party doesn’t start until after all the patrons have left.

I especially enjoyed the 2 weekend or longer shows because i camped out all week in between. Wonderful people, great times.

Sundays always depressed me… It was all ending, everyone was packing up and in a hurry to get out before dark.

Whenever possible i would always stay till monday. I just wasn’t ready for the experience to be over. It wasn’t done.

Sure things come to a close, and new things start, but when? Whats the trigger, when is it supposed to end?

It’s not really the actual ren faire that i didn’t want to end. It was hanging out with old friends around a campfire talking, enjoying each others company…

It was the carefree way of camping, no tv, no cell phones, no computers. A vacation, away from all the ‘demands’, ‘deadlines’ and constant distractions of the regular world.

We woke up when we were done sleeping, we went to sleep when we were tired. We ate when we were hungry, we did whatever suited us, with people we wanted to do it with.

Why does that have to end?

I’ve spent the majority part of my life trying to answer that question.

Why does it have to end?
How can I make my life a perpetual rennesaince fair?

Its been a long and windy road trying to figure that out and what I found is that it’s much much much more than just ‘having resources’.

Most people, myself included at one point, are under the illusion that ‘if i just had enough of this or that’ i could have that life i want.

The operative word being ‘want’. What is it you want, and why do you want it, (link to article)? Not much is required for the important things in life…

Doing what suits you with people you want to do it with… For as long as you want to keep doing it.

It shocks me how much of my time, my life, i traded for things i thought i wanted while actually turning down what i was yearning for inside.

Lots and lots of work to create all the resources for all the nicks and nacks we all ‘want’. Lots of trading time for resources. Those kind of experiences seem to last forever… A lot longer than you want them too.

Tim Ferris laid out a perfect solution pretty clearly in his book the 4 hour work week. I’ve known plenty of people who’ve read it and like me, at first, seemed to miss the point.

I call it the four hour lie… They want to have everything they ‘want’ and have everything the way they ‘want’ it. Again ‘want’ being the operative word.

I guess what I am saying is… When you are clear on what you really ‘want’ the trade value of your time skyrockets.

Suddenly hanging out, doing something you want to be doing, with someone you want to be doing it with, is worth way more than a 9-5.

It really doesn’t cost much to ride a horse on the beach in Borneo… Even if you do it every day for 3 weeks.

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