Fake It Till You Make It!

An open letter to all you “fake it till you make it” folks.

Keep it up!

Tell anyone who tells you any different to kindly exit the building. You see you’ve stumbled upon something that the mundane people of the world haven’t. The process of creation, the process of manifestation.

To them, the unimaginative box thinkers, it probably looks delusional, exaggerated, or maybe they even consider it bold face lying. But whether they believe it or not, everything begins with thought. Buildings, ipads, the manifestation of grand dreams… Fortunate for us and the rest of the world, their belief is not required for something to become.

All things begin with the thought of it. The more real the thought becomes, the more real whatever it is becomes in our physically perceived world. It is the process of becoming real…

First a thought is silent, a vapory notion. Then it repeats again and again, each time with more detail. Then it becomes feeling, first, shadowy hardly explainable.

You feel about the thought, maybe good maybe bad, feeling none the less. Then the feeling repeats again and again, each time with more detail.

Then it becomes language, the first physical manifestation. Still young the thought now become feeling, we struggle with words to describe it. Then the language repeats, each time with more detail.

Then it becomes action, unfocused at first, exploratory and uncoordinated. Then the action repeats, again and again, each time with more detail. The actions become things, small and unshapely at first.

The things are repeated again and again each time with more detail. Suddenly then the thought, which became feeling, which grew to language and then to action becomes the building in front of you, the house in which you live, the body you walk around in, the partner in your bed. So what is called an exaggeration, a lie, in the eyes of the unimaginable, is a feeling become language. Consider their chastisement as absurd as the critique of an unfinished building.

Simply Ignorant.

Be well, be happy, be free…

And make plenty of shit up!



All my love,



  1. mariolemy says:

    Still looking for a key to reverse the years of practice detecting and attacking “false-data”.

    Perhaps the only thing about the spirit-science that deserve skepticism is the fact that it’s easy to make shit up.(you guys took that to a whole new level)

    People already believe i am a liar when i say the truth… so imagine how hard it would be to convince them otherwise if i was actually lying.

    OR is it as simple as…. people will believe me more when i lie?!??@!

  2. Jeremy says:

    Ha just make shit up! I love it when you put it in plain English for everyone. I follow spirit science and that is how I found this and Jordan is just “too polite” to put it like that. I love all of your guys shit so even if you are practicing your own advice and “making shit up” I like it. Everything you guys say makes more sense than one piece of garbage article from a major news network. Keep up the good work and thanks for everything you all are sharing!

  3. Cleo says:

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  4. brandon mitchell says:

    Hello there my name is brandon mitchell, to who it may concern, help or care to read..I actually I been watching your video for about to months and all the things you communicate I feel are true, why, because natural I have figured out these thing just my evaluating my reflecting on my life,daydreaming, meditation and they match perfectly as if I just as you are all connected into the one source, the problem is that we all need to connect to each other though love and understanding, to reach and defeat the unbalanced not flowing with nature (structure of individuals creator) to fix this connection to reach this next dimensions with as many good people as possible….now I have came up with a super secret plan that could save us all and start to set us free as of tomorrow, now im also am soul believer in everything happens for a reason, maybe I was suppose contact to guy cause you guys had exactly what I needed and I had exactly what you guy were looking for the one idea the change the world together….how also I believe in the wrong hands this plan could be used to also destroy the world even more, now I will post the idea because of that reason, but if we were to meet in the super top secret location lol because I believe we would do the right thing with this plan I have developed so if you ladies and gentlemen are willing to heard and meet I promise this will be the creator yiu were looking for plz contact me smile mr. brandon mitchell… email: deadheartheart2you@gmail.com p.s I know funny haha but long story behind the email address lol all love thanks for your time

  5. Rhea Ki says:

    Wonderful! Same concepts about creating ourselves, our experiences, etc are written about by Wayne Dyer. He’s less science, more experiential based, but I think you’re very complimentary. KEEP IT UP!!! And Thank You!!! 🙂

  6. drake says:

    Great stuff! I totally agree with this philosophy. Everything you guys have done over the past few years is phenomenal. Keep up this wonderful work! 🙂

  7. Luis Soto says:

    We create our own Reality

  8. Luis Soto says:

    We are all Creators of our own Reality. We realise this once we wake up.

  9. Bill says:

    This thought that you speak of. I write about it often. Your words are good. Its interesting how we all get our thoughts from this same place of infinite possibilities. A place where there is nothing and yet so much has been gained from it. I get it! Not many do! Not sure why, but the feeling that is attached to this awareness brought me to your site. It is awesome that there are other like minded individuals out in the world doing something like this.
    If there is a way that a person, like me, who doesn’t have tons of time in a day; but could choose to find time to help your cause? Then let me know? I find this very beneficial and thank you for your efforts on awakening the world to the New Earth. A book Eckard Tolle has written about what you are living.
    Best Regards

  10. germ says:

    Hahaha Good Stuff.

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