Kings and Generals Should Lead the Fight

Sword swinging, shield bashing, Kings and Generals should lead the fight. Standing side by side the soldiers in their army.

Many battles must attribute the key to their victorious success to the presence and participation of an inspired leader. In other words, if the king wasn’t there – they surely would have lost.

My favorite question? Why?

Surely an army with numerical superiority will win the day, even absent a king? Better weapons would certainly be more important than a generals charge?

Anyone who has lead a successful team will know that tools and numbers are simply trivial spices in the recipe of leadership. The main ingredient is moral; inspiration.

What moral does the King inspire when absent the battlefield? Several thoughts come to mind, but the most likely interpretation may be that the battle is un-winable… A close second, the battle is unimportant and not worth the Kings attention.

Given those signals a solider, a worker, a colleague, an employee, may well wonder if they should even show up to fight.

How inspiring is it to run head long into slaughter in the purposeful absence of those for whom you fight? How much effort is an unimportant battle worth?

But the story changes when your leader stands side by side the armys footmen. The battle becomes worth any effort, and everyone shows up to fight.


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