What is Your Super Power?

What's your Super Power?

I ask that question a lot. What’s your super power?

We get a fair number (ok A LOT) of messages from people asking how they can get involved in things that Jordan and I are doing.  A fair number, (ok A LOT) are from those still in school, both college and younger…  I read one such message today.

I won’t share who sent it, sometimes people get a little upset when you share these words sent privately with the world.  He knows who he is and I welcome his comments here should he read it.

He not so lightly mentioned he wanted to be get involved in what we are doing.  My reply, was simply this.  How do you want to be involved?

His response, one that I have read many of…  I am a broke college student with a focus on ‘xyz’, I don’t know what help I could be… I just WANT to be.

I’ve put a great deal of thought and attention to this over the last months as there are so many who WANT to.

The difference from most is what he added next, “I’m open to suggestions?”

In fact, I have a couple.

Most people ask, tell me what you need, or tell me what I can do…  the truth, I don’t know what you can do.  I need you to tell me.

There is a whole list of things that need to be done, everything from taking out the garbage on Tuesdays to harnessing energy so that it can be employed freely for everyone, to creating a shift in consciousness to allow such a technology to exist.

Sure we have some more detailed lists of things that are intended to reach those various goals, and we think the list is valid.  Should something on that list be something you can and desire to do… lets get to work 😉

I also am well aware of the fact that our list is too short.  There is much more that need be on it than is…  there is a lot of work worth doing.

One of which didn’t come to me, to write this… until I read his message several times…

Here is my reply:

What’s your super power?  If you don’t know, ask everyone you know, likes you, don’t like you, loves you, hates you… ask them what you’re good at.  What they would come to you for advice or help with.  (oh, throw out the crappy stuff people say, that’s more about them than you, and not the purpose right now).

Oh, and I thought I might mention… I don’t have a college degree, in fact, the only reason I have a high school diploma is because I am annoying… and even at that it’s more a letter that says I have one rather than one itself.  I can’t think of a thing i’ve used that paper for since I got it.

Consider also that Steve Jobs, I think you might know who he is… was a broke college student when he started a little something.

Hogwarts does not make wizards, it only gives them the title.

Forgive the cheekiness .  You are far more than anything you have ever dreamed… ❤



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  6. Jack Bowers says:

    Making people laugh.

  7. sue says:

    you fill the air with a lot of words untill you get to the point ; will you consider there is a lot of info out there all to read and it is very tiring to first read the blabla , just get to the point and dont hold people to long , PLEASE

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  9. drumstickverg says:

    Its been great to hear all those comments. I think I understand what everyone is trying to say…in saying that you said it already, so there was no trying involved. its done. and its sccchhhhwwwweeeeeet man. I also tried thinking how will I ever get to my destination until I got hit in the center of my brain, stopped in my tracks on a mental level. this also means that I couldn’t weigh my life on the present circumstances which were holding me down. when you actually realize that everything is possible theres much more things to deal with internally first which is what we all experienced at once. There is no destination. Heaven has arrived. Everything that the prophets spoke about I heard come through the mouth of babes,old men, teenagers, the sick,policemen, car guards. we are now going to re-build humanity like no has ever imagined….and we all there for the ride.

  10. Mathew says:

    my superpower is to see future, as far as i can remember it happend 1st time when i had 5 years

  11. victoria says:

    Funny,not even yesterday was I talking of that with a friend.
    I think a hard part of the question though, is ‘what to do with my superpower?’ once we found what that is 🙂

  12. Jameson (Matthew) says:

    Hey I feel that it has to do with the fact that these guys think about the story the future, the idea of what could be. They are living in the fantasy of the possible reality, the feelings of that adventure that they could receive, that is what they are experiencing. It is what a lot of us do, we imagine what could be better, but instead of then integrating it into the “real” world that we are experiencing consciously, they keep it in the experimental imaginative world of their minds living it out their and then scraping the creation and proclaiming it’s final destination to be in the world-scape of our minds. We do that, we think that there is a world to live, a possible world to be experiencing, but then we keep it as a thought, stuck in the act of envisioning, not transitioning into the act of manifesting, so to make up for it I ask you if I can be apart of your creation, of your experience, but then I am just hoping for my vision to come through. Hoping is this worlds manifestation of envisioning, the act of envisioning it will look like us anticipating the feeling of the thoughts happening in our minds, that’s hope. So I guess I need to start experiencing an event with the same theme to it, instead of trying to experience a vision with the same theme. Okay then, well I also really liked the post, it helped me get some things about people or just basically myself that I wasn’t reminded of until now, have a good time.

  13. Dimas says:

    I want to learn about the world around me, and more about myself. I’ve been soul searching for a while now and i want to find my inner artist. I want to express my ideas with the world and share with it some of my light. I want to find myself through words and poetry and music especially hip-hop music. I found rap to be very influential to our younger generation and to myself, I feel I can change the world buy giving my perspective of life and the lesson i learned through this art form. Im also interested in film making and producing. If all these were mastered i would create beautiful art a full package produced all by myself. I know this is a dream but i know it can be accomplished through consistency and hope. Time is of essence but i got a lifetime. Sometime i feel like my journey was predetermined like i just need to continue. I got into music when i turned 16 in high school and since then its always been in my mind. Im graduating soon and so much is coming to my plate on what my next move are going to be, i just hope i can maintain true to myself and push through every obstacle because i know nothing in life worth having comes easy. May God be with us as we continue our journey. Thanks for letting me speak my mind i feel pretty good. Sincerly Dimas with much Love.

  14. Mario says:

    Timelessness!! born in january!! I can extract time from patterns of life since I -read- the emerald tablets, when you extract time you get beings and events <3
    and I have a huge blue/indigo power, I was born to
    Eloquence, singing and chanting meditation and verbalizing the consciousness shift experience is what I'm best at, I've spent thousands of hours in that.
    I hope I can help you 🙂

    • Luigi says:

      Mario! you have been reading the tablets and haven’t given me a chance. have they really benefited you? how so?

      the princess is still waiting for you in the castle

      • Yoshi says:

        Guys! Seriously the -==- green dinosaur should get first viewing of these tablets! It was made by from the fossilized hide of my bretherin after all!

  15. Thomas Gough says:

    It’s… something, that you wrote it just this way. My own “superpowers” have been a consideration of mine for a few months now, and also why I want to know of them, and what I really want to do with them should they finally become clear to me. In my community here in Maine I am considered to be, crazy, and to be fair it used to really bother me to the point I tried to conform for A LONG TIME. I finally came to the realization, “I see things differently…” not in an obvious way, but in a subtle childlike way. I do not fit into the boxes extended to my peers, because my goals are not the same, I do not seek wealth of money, or possessions, I seek wealth of harmony with a fierce determination matched only by my lack of knowing how to go about it. It may be my own fears that cause me not to see a way out of where I am and into what I see as a real possibility, but here I am, and realizing the way I see differently was how I got here. maybe that will help someone.

  16. Chad says:

    I want to collaborate innovative yet slightly tautological ideas with my contemporaries. I want to explore philosophy, psychology, and spirituality to help integrate the lines that separate the repetitive concepts throughout each. I want to design empirical studies that will shed light on these areas of study and gain the respect they are well deserved. I find the flow of ideas in a in depth conversation to be the setting which allows the stream of consciousness to be best expressed. I find the things that you often post about to set off a cascade of ideas, which the concepts just presented have set off. I explore these concepts and come up with more of my own. I have the utmost respect for the courage that it takes for you to do what you do. It has taken me many years to feel confident enough to feel like my ideas and interests in philosophy and psychology could be respected in our society. Namaste. And I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Thomas Gough says:

      Your passion for tautological ideas and exploring philosophy, psychology, and spirituality speaks to my own of the same.

  17. Alexandra says:

    My super power is my voice. People listen when I talk, sing or ask questions. I use my gift to the benefit of all who surround me as best as I possibly can.

    • Thomas Gough says:

      Do you write your own original poetry?

      • Fenomen says:

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  18. Emily Davey says:

    hi, im trying to find the website where there is a list of people or skills you are looking for. I’m so keen on joining you guys and doing what i can to help and make this vision a reality. just tell me where to start lol!! I do Aura Art by Emily. I draw peoples auras. And i can also diagnose (unprofessionally) diseases and illnesses through this. I feel as though this should be a revelation in the medicine industry but where would we start. Please reply. thanks and love and light to u all. Love Emily Davey.


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